Camino 2015, pictures: day 038 Hünfeld

In Vacha I had the lowest point of my Camino to that moment. I was mentally and especially physically exhausted. Exhausted by long distances and rough terrain, by constantly bad (cold and rainy) weather, by malnutrition. So on 37 day of my Camino I took a shortcut to Hünfeld 26 km instead of 35.

Thankfully I found a Knights Hospitallers convent in Hünfeld. There I got food as much as I could eat, a place to sleep, and a catholic mass, first time since I left Poland. I regreted that it’s June not Semptember, because I saw a poster of Simon & Garfunkel concert in Hünfeld on September 4. I like their music 🙂 You can see their poster on one picture below.

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