Camino 2015, pictures: day 130 Warsaw

In 130 day of my Camino I boarded plane in Santiago. Seeing the empty seat by the window on the right, I asked the steward if I could change place. “After the instruction,” he replied. After what instruction? But a moment later I knew. He stood in front and gestured. What to do, when there’s nothing to do. Cool. The plane broke off silently. First 10, 20 meters. Then higher and higher. Things slowly became signs, lines, points. Flight to Madrid was short. New airport – what a mess. Hive. Densely. Tightly. Hot.

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Camino 2015, pictures: day 126 Fisterra

Where the pilgrimage ends? Where and when? Probably, when no more steps can be made. Because there’s no more land, because it’s Finis Terrae. I know people walking further, making circles. I don’t get it. This last day of walking was very hard for me, although still beautiful. My body started to send some alarming signals after four months of walking, tried to say – it is enough. I reach Fisterra early. Got a bed in albergue. On the street… yep, I met Staszek, whom i met the first time in Almuna. These meetings on Camino – miracles. We bought beer and iceream, and walked to the beach, to watch sunset. Staszek had a good reflex camera, me just my broken cellphone. I just watched. I could sit like that, forever… I’m not exactly sure – why. Then coming back, farewell, albergue. Most pilgrim went outside. I had flight home three days later. I decided to stay in Fisterra.

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Camino 2015, pictures: day 125 Muxia

Muxia, 125 day, 33 km from Olveira. I reached Muxia extremely tired. Especially, after the day before. But I made it. Weather changed from hour to hour. Mostly wind and rain. I went to the charming church by the sea. Then returned to albergue. Talked to some people from Holland. Finally got rest, before my last day of walking.
First six days of my pilgrimage in English

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Camino 2015, pictures: day 124 Olveiroa

There are no pictures from that day. It was a white squall. Most pilgrims from Negreira, maybe all except me :), took a cab to Negreira. At the time I didn’t understand what “white squall” term means, so I started very early and walked in the night, when everybody slept, and… yes, somehow I managed to reach Olveiroa that day. It was a terrible experience, which costed me a lot, including a cell phone which has been completely soaked and has been damaged.