Camino 2015, pictures: day 003 Zwoleń

Third day of my pilgrimage from Poland to Santiago. I’ve walked from Janowiec to Zwolen. Unfortunately I almost didn’t make pictures. I was very scared if I find a place to sleep, because the day before I almost end up nowhere. But this time wonderful priest allowed me to stay on the floor in parish. So I was very grateful. There are only 3 pictures. A mess in my room in the morning, before I started to walk. Me and the road sign of Janowiec and the map of that day.

Pictures from Camino 2015: Day 001 Nałęczów

A man who red my book about my 130 days pilgrimage, asked me “What about pictures? I would like to see what you’ve seen”. So I decided to share these photos in “day by day” form, since I started from my home in Lublin, till I got to Santiago and Finisterra. There will be pictures from Poland, Germany, France and Spain. Just as I have walked.

So today is the day one (001) from my home town Lublin, to next – Nałęczów. It was about 30km long and I spent the night in a little convent. There are some pictures and a map of the journey that day.

I share those pictures through filckr, I hope that it will work. Buen Camino.


Pictures from my Camino

Links to pictures from my Camino, day by day:

Day 001 – Nałęczów
Day 002 – Janowiec
Day 003 – Zwoleń
Day 004 – Skaryszew
Day 005 – Wieniawa
Day 006 – Opoczno
Day 007 – Opoczno
Day 008 – Sulejów
Day 009 – Bełchatów
Day 010 – Szczerców
Day 011 – Osjaków
Day 012 – Walichnowy
Day 013 – Kępno
Day 014 – Miłowice
Day 015 – Oleśnica
Day 016 – Wrocław
Day 017 – Środa Śląska
Day 018 – Legnica
Day 019 – Złotoryja
Day 020 – Lwówek Śląski
Day 021 – Henryków
Day 022 – Zgorzelec
Day 023 Weißenberg Am Schloss
Day 024 Bautzen-Budyšin
Day 025 Kamenz
Day 026 Schönfeld
Day 027 Zeithain
Day 028 Börln
Day 029 Sommerfeld
Day 030 Kleinliebenau
Day 031 Mücheln