Camino 2015, pictures: day 017 Środa Śląska

17 day of my Camino in 2015. From Wrocław to Środa Śląska – 35km. I walked fast and mostly along an asphalt road. To fast, to long, to little rest. Last 2 km I could hardly move forward, due to problem with my right knee. But I made it.

You can see on the picture the church of the parish I slept. On the wall along the church there are photograps of Środa Śląska. On every photo there is a picture as Środa was german town, with german names of the street and next to that there is a picture of Środa as a polish town.

I had mixed feelings about that. But later, when I walked through Europe I saw and understood, that borders in Europe were moved quite often, and some terrains, towns, even cities were once german, then french or polish for example. There were so many wars in Europe. There are so many nations here like on no other continent. So – I came to the conclusion – that we need to learn to live together in Europe. And who knows, maybe this phenomena, doing pilgrimage to Saint Jacob (Santiago) is a good step towards such a goal.

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