Camino 2015, pictures: day 016 Wrocław

Pictures from 16 day of my camino in 2015 from Poland to Santiago. Stage from Oleśnica to Wrocław – 28 km. Wrocław has more than 600 000 ppl. Quite a city. The day before I’ve called to many parishes trying to find a place to sleep. Some conversations were even funny. Me calling:”I’m doing a pilgrimage from my hometown Lublin to Santiago. Tomorrow I’ll walk through Wrocław. Could I stay at your parish? I can sleep on the floor” Answer: “No, we are sorry. Maybe you can come in next week”.

At the end I stayed in a convent of Sisters of Notre Dame. I got their private room. The conditions were excellent. You know… bed with white sheet. And all of this – donativo. I was lucky. I went to the cathedral – you can see it on a pictures. Then to supermarket, because it was Saturday, so I bought food for two days. And then I went to sleep, 16 days and 456 kilometers from my home.

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