Camino 2015, pictures: day 012 Walichnowy

Some pictures form 12 day of my Camino from Poland to Santiago. This time from Osjaków to Walichnowy – 32 km. Mainly through forests. Tough road. First good weather then rain. There are some views from Poland.

In Walichnowy I met an unusual priest. Why unusual? Because he had a sense of humor! Mother of the priest the old lady asked me several times if I do a penance through this pilgrimage. I assured her that it’s not the case. But I don’t know if I was convincing 🙂

I think that today ppl walking camino for little different reasons than thousand years ago. I walked to look for something and to thank God. I slept on the floor in a little room. As always, the dream came to me fast and easy.

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