Camino 2015, pictures: day 011 Osjaków

11 day of my Camino from Poland to Santiago in 2015 I walked from Szczerców to Osjaków – 26 km. In the morning I bought in Szczerców half kg of bread and some yoghurt, I sat on the grass and I ate all of this. Then 5 min later a man came to me and asked if I would come to his house for a breakfast 🙂
In Osjaków I met wonderful priests. I stayed at parish for a night. I shaved for the first time in my pilgrimage cause I didn’t want ppl to be scared by my appearance 🙂 There is only a photo of the church in Osjaków. One from the inside, and a map.
I have walked for 11 days and I had more distance to the border of my country than I left behind my back. I just wanted one thing, and one thing only – to get to the destination of the current day. I didn’t thought about Santiago. Honestly saying I thought that it’s impossible for me to get there. So I was focused on one thing only – get things done in the present day.

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