Camino 2015, pictures: day 010 Szczerców

10th day of my Camino from Poland to Santiago in 2015. Still in Poland. From Bełchatów to Szczerców – only 22km. There is the only one photo – church in Szczerców and a map of course below.

I remember I was hungry because of the holiday in Poland shops were closed. I found a little restaurant and asked for a cheap meal. The owner didn’t know that I am a pilgrim, but I got a soup for free. They just saw a tired and hungry man.

So, maybe this is the real Christianity. Apart from attending ceremonies (or event instead of) to see in someone else a close person, a friend, a brother. To be helpful, to share what we have. In that way we are together, kind of family as one can experience meeting other pilgrims on Camino.

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