Camino 2015, pictures: day 008 Sulejów

I share album of pictures from 8th day of my pilgrimage from Poland to Santiago in 2015. I’ve walked from Opoczno to Sulejów about 30km.

An interesting view of Poland one can see from this road. Everywhere the terrain is almost perfectly flat and green and stretches until horizon.

I found an accommodation in Cistercian abbey in Sulejów. Part of it is now a hotel, but another part is still used by monks. It was founded by polish prince Kazimierz II Just in 1176, so 840 years ago. I almost felt this span of time there. There is a beautiful little church in the abbey. It is on pictures in album below.

After 8 days of my pilgrimage to Santiago I was still in Poland and I had more than 400 km to the border with Germany.

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