Yesterday morning I was sitting in front of the railway station in Fulda and I wanted to go back home. There are no any real help in Fulda, especially for pilgrim going to the west of Germany – I mean Trier. There no guide, in any book store or in monastery, there are no information where to go, where to sleep. At least I couldn’t find them.

I went to the Schlüchtern. And God has smiled to me. I felt that way, cause I meet warm welcoming. I got bed, shower,  even food and been able to get my cloth washed. Paradise! Then we talk a lot with priest. About everything. The priest was a Pole. So did I get all of this because I was a Pole too? I don;t think so. He would accept any pilgrim. He is just a miraculous station on the road of these, who went out of their homes, and going. Some to the God, some in searching of themself. No matter what, when they see a cross on the church in Schlüchtern, they can smile, and thank to God, cause they will find a help in their way.


Obrazek ze strony parafii.

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